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Validate My Parking – and Tell Me I’m Good

I’m horrified to admit this – I so want to be “Freshly Pressed”. Which is ironic because I don’t iron anything…ever…so much so that when my son was 7 and he saw an “iron” at my mother’s house; he had … Continue reading

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I Would Like an Extra-Large Pizza with a Side of Funny: Various and Hilarious Pizza Delivery Stories

Scott & I ate a lot of pizza when we were in our 20s – a lot of pizza. Not so odd – people of that age have been known to do this on occasion.  It culminated into an all-out … Continue reading

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Are Your Hipbones Protruding? Yes? I Think I Love You ~ The Story of Scott and The Story of Lu

It’s my second semester at college. Annie & Karen are nudging me – they want me to notice that guy across the courtyard. They tell me he keeps looking at me and he always shows up wherever I am. They … Continue reading

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I Had Nary a Clue

The little snippets below represent some misconceptions on my part as well as weird things I’ve encountered. Warning: even though I have claimed that this blog is about biking- there is NOTHING about biking in this post.  I am a … Continue reading

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The Sunshine Award

Today was a pretty awesome day – I was nominated for The Sunshine Award by a wonderful writer and an excellent friend – karenlessscripted who writes a very deep blog called A Life Less Scripted.  I highly recommend taking a … Continue reading

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You Not Nomal!!!

San Francisco is a hard city for me. Riding the bus is also a challenge for the same reason. I’m sure some of you know what I’m alluding to. There are a lot of us around. . We’re called ‘freak … Continue reading

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Life in the Morning Lane

I’ve had my bra frozen a lot.  You get used to it. You learn to bring a spare to hide in your pillowcase. It’s what happens when you are the first to fall asleep at a pre-teen slumber party.  I’m … Continue reading

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