Life in the Morning Lane

I’ve had my bra frozen a lot.  You get used to it. You learn to bring a spare to hide in your pillowcase. It’s what happens when you are the first to fall asleep at a pre-teen slumber party.  I’m always the first to fall asleep at slumber party; well, any party really.  I was that kid that couldn’t stay up. I always brought a book because I knew I’d be awake before anyone else.  I spent many mornings at my friends’ houses talking to their moms in the kitchen. It’s ok – I liked talking to adults.  I guess to state it more accurately, I liked talking.

I won’t lie to you (I can’t lie to you) – I’m a morning person.  I wake up naturally around 5:30A/6AM – I bounce out of bed like a chipmunk and start my million projects before 3PM hits. That’s when I start to shut down for the evening.  I’m typically asleep around 9PM.  This has been a pattern my entire life. I’ve noticed that I’m waking up a little earlier as I get older – before it was always in the 6 o’clock zone that I woke up, now it’s around 5AM. I’m worried that I’ll be getting up a 3AM in my 60s.

In the early heady days of my relationship with Scott, in a half fog, he’d notice me start to squirm in bed, – put his arms around me and ask me to stay. It would last about 2 minutes, I’d start to squirm again and he’d encourage me to leave.

But I love mornings. I’m a reverse vampire.  I feel so energized and my mind is clear. I am instantly awake and totally alert.  Scott shuffles around like a zombie for the first hour or so in the mornings. We both don’t understand how the other can wake up as they do.  I love it when I can start work at 5:30AM. I love being done by 2PM because I have an entire hour more of ‘alert’ left in me.

I have never pulled an “all-nighter”. I tried no-doze once; it made me all jittery and nauseated, so I slept it off.  It’s probably some sort of defensive narcolepsy.  Can’t cope – sleep…   I can count on one hand the times I’ve ‘slept-in’ past 7AM.  I slept until noon once, when I was 14.

Of course all my friends could sleep all day long when I was in high school.  And we stayed out late on Friday and Saturday nights (as long as I started my evening around 8PM, I could sometimes last until 11 or midnight). I had to work the next morning at 6:30AM. I hated knowing that I would only have 5 hours of sleep.   It didn’t/doesn’t matter what time I get to bed, my body still wakes me up at 6AM – and if I try to sleep past that, I generally become really nauseated. I think my body thinks I need to get up and go to work.

So of course when I met Scott at the tender age of 19 at college, he had a hard core band.  Hard core bands don’t generally play at reasonable times. And for me, a reasonable time is 8AM. I want to start a trend of ‘morning bands’.  Anyway, if they were ‘headlining’ (a term I came to dread) – they’d generally be the 3rd band to play – which translates to midnight at the earliest.  And I was a baker during those years, and had to be at work at 6:30 in the morning.  You can imagine my joy.

Luckily I can sleep ANYPLACE. Noise is not an issue for me. Here are some places I’ve dozed:

  • During a hurricane when I was  7 and 29
  • Age 8, I laid down in line at the bank and took a catnap (my mom was not really down with this)
  • The school auditorium at most of my brother’s Boy Scout meetings – BORING….I did wake up for the end-of-meeting cupcake however. I’m sleepy; not stupid
  • At every single friends’ house during movie night. I never made it to the 2nd movie. I now rarely make it through the 1st movie
  • Various parties from high school through my 20s – find a corner, take a snooze
  • My crowning achievement was falling asleep (in front of the speakers) during a  DRI show  – as long as you mosh around me and not on my head, I’m fine

Now that I’m in my (early) 40s – as are our friends, they are finally on my schedule.  It’s been a long time coming, but I’m not always the first one to fall asleep at a gathering.

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I'm a research librarian for Public Television, story teller, bike commuter, baker, music fiend, lover of reading & books, mother, wife, friend - and many more descriptive adjectives and nouns.
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63 Responses to Life in the Morning Lane

  1. Wow. I’m am completely opposite, can’t go to bed before midnight if I try! I’ve pulled more all-nighters than I can count. But I did love working at a bagle shop and getting off work at 12 (I started at 4). But then my days went: sleep at 12, wake at 3, work ’til 12, 3 hour nap, rinse and repeat.
    It was kind of a brutal time :p

  2. Rufina says:

    Night owl, but completely relate at being able to fall asleep even with lots going on around you. I am usually asleep before the airplane I’m on even takes off the runway…;). But, Next to a speaker? Classic!

  3. indytony says:

    There’s hope yet. My uncle Jack plays in a band and they do a lot of nursing home gigs that start around 10 a.m. and end for an early lunch.

  4. A gripping life says:

    Can I just say that you and I are IDENTICAL TWINS. You just wrote the story of my life. EVERYTHING is EXACTLY The same . It’s spooky!!!!! The birthday party sleep overs, the bit about it not mattering how late you stay up, jumping out of bed at 5:30 and being fully energized, being able to sleep anywhere… The whole thing. We are twins! I start shutting down around 3:00, too. When my kids would ask me to help them with their homework I was always so brain dead. Lol!

  5. "HE WHO" says:

    (Glad you included the link to the blog about why you aren’t able to lie. I needed to know that about you. Now I know how much harder you have to work to make us laugh. Also, I’m like Scott. It takes forever to get going in the morning. But I like going to bed at 11:00 pm. no matter what time I climbed out of the sack. And I have to tell you, like Poly says, Muskoka is beautiful. But I ASKED FIRST!!! I also have to ask about the frozen bra. Is that like when as boys at camp we would put a sleeping kid’s hand into a pail of water and he’d wet his pants?

    • Ha ha – yes, except girls would steal your bra (it would be off your body) – put it in water and then put it in the freezer. It always happened to the unlucky girl that went to sleep first…ME!

      I sometimes can’t stay up until 8PM –

      Ah- you’re a morning Zombie, eh?

      I want to visit Canada very badly – I was there as a tot and then never more…

      Yes, I’m a sucky liar – be gentle with me…

  6. twindaddy says:

    I was going to comment on the above story, but then I saw that I was being commanded to. Divulge my thoughts? I’m tired of being ordered around by you. You who breaks rules on a whim on everyone else’s blog. So no, I will NOT divulge my thoughts and you can’t make me!

    Oh, and just so you know, I’m sticking my tongue out in your general direction.

  7. Kylie says:

    As I told my chatty Cathy daughter this morning, “I’m not a morning person. I’m getting overwhelmed. Go talk to your brother.”
    Glad you reblogged this!

    Sorry about your sick kid. Also, if you’re in Tucson and your kid(s) is/are the right age, check out my dear friend, Kindle Rising’s resource: East Tucson Macaroni Kid:

    You two would like each other. Heck, maybe you even know each other already.

  8. I used to be able to sleep like a champion. At least now I know there will be someone else awake at 6:00 am and ready to go!!

  9. becca3416 says:

    I am sleep typing right now. You can’t explain that! 🙂

  10. Reblogged this on The Mercenary Researcher and commented:

    Sick kid = reblog of a past post – enjoy! Some of my favorite stories were written in the first months of blogging when I had about 3 followers ~

  11. Dawn Nunn says:

    I’m a night owl. My body clock has always been that way. With kids it’s so hard. I feel like my day can start once they go to sleep at night. I’m loving summer and everyone sleeping in. It’s going to be torture getting everyone back on a 6:30 rising schedule in a few weeks. I’m just like you though, I get that sick feeling when I have to get up early in the morning. I have always wanted to be a morning person. It seems so blissful to wake up and watch the sign rise in silence.

  12. Maryann Graziano says:

    I’m a 6:30-7am kind of person. Tom is an earlybird and can sleep anywhere. He once fell asleep at Shea Stadium (now Citifield) during an Oldtimers game! My problem is, if I don’t get enough sleep, my body is owed sleep and I can’t function properly until I make up for lost sleep. Talk about weird. I did find out, however, that some people have a sleep “bank” and when it’s depleated, they can’t rest properly until the borrowed sleep is made up. So, weirdness runs in the family.

  13. runningonsober says:

    Total opposite here. My body would love to stay up until 3 and sleep until noon every day. I wonder what makes some of us night-owls vs early birds? Birth time maybe? Hmmm… google to the rescue, I’m sure someone has spent millions of dollars studying this with twin studies.
    Giggled at waking for the cupcake, “sleepy not stupid”. LOL. All about priorities!

    • It is interesting that some people are night owls and some are early birds (and I like that it’s all about birds)…I was born at 3PM – so I wonder if that’s why I start to shut down at that time.

      I have *tried* to stay up and I can’t – however, if I go to sleep at 8PM (or earlier) – I can wake up at 3AM – no problem!

      Yes, eating is definitely a priority for me.

  14. Karen says:

    I love the idea of morning bands! I’m an early riser now too although I tried my best to stay awake with the cool kids. It was always disconcerting to wake up at noon and find you having a full on conversation with my parents. Didn’t you realize that they were the enemy?! Now it all makes sense.

  15. Ha! You could have knocked on my door – I’d have answered … I forget that when I’m up at 5AM that not everyone else is…and waiting until 9AM to call anyone can be TORTURE!

  16. Matthew Perry says:

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one up in the wee hours and then assed out early! I was also that kid that would be at my friends house during the summer at 6:30 am (which was way late already!) to see if “Johnny could come out and play”…the parents usually answered the door in robes with coffee and sleepy eyes. And then we would converstate until “Johnny” awoke. Now I’m up at 4am during the week and sleep in on the weekends…today I woke up at 5:15, it felt good to sleep in.

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