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Richard Philanthropy

I love a good story – I collect them like precious gems and show them to all my friends at any given moment. My favorite stories involve amazing coincidences.  I love the story of Smart Boy. However it’s just one … Continue reading

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Originally posted on tracy fulks:
I have such a big treat coming up for you, and I am giddy with excitement and anticipation.  Hopefully by the time you finish reading this, you will be too. Next week, (and by next…

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Walking it off… or not as the case may be ~

Step – ouch! – Step – ouch! – Step – ouch! Lisa asks me why I’m limping during our five mile walk around GORGEOUS San Francisco in July (and for anyone wondering, not a wing-nut in sight!).  I tell her … Continue reading

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Smart Boy

This post is dedicated the family that changed the course of our family’s lives – Dr. G, his super fantastic spouse E and their son, Smart Boy. They know who they are. I’m not entirely sure where this post will … Continue reading

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My Nipples Could WHAT?

If you’re a sensitive soul – maybe you should skip this post. I use the word “Nipples” quite a bit… There are few things more worrisome for an 18 year old girl than nipple loss. Yes, I wrote ‘nipple loss’ … Continue reading

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Up Jumped the Cholla 1-2-3

Fast Post #2 – another childhood story Ah my brother – he’s got a lot of “Funny uh-oh” in his history.  And it’s my job to exploit that. If you had a chance to read “When Sheep Don’t Bring You … Continue reading

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Musings on ‘Good Writing’

Shortest post ever ~ I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘good writing’ and how it is ‘judged’ – I’ve decided, for me that ‘good writing’ is anything thing that makes me want to read the next sentence.

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When Sheep Don’t Bring You Joy

I wrote this in 40 minutes before work at 5AM – please excuse any offensive uses or misuses of grammar.  mea culpa, mea culpa, mea máxima culpa. That Catholic upbringing was good for something, eh? We moved out to Tucson, … Continue reading

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A Little Factoid ~

Remember the worst kid on the Royal Blue softball team? The kid that was kind of chunky? Awkward with a bat? Was a little wheezy when running around the field during practice? Yes, I was that kid.  It was an … Continue reading

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Crafty, I am Not ~

Serious Warning (as opposed to my goofy ones): There’s a pretty intense and somewhat scary picture at the end of this post Let’s face it – I’m not the crafty type.  Neither is my kid.  It gets a little depressing … Continue reading

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