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Another Sunday of Reblog-a-Thog!

It’s Sunday fun – with Haiku & Limerick poems…come join…No Blog Intended writes a mean Haiku!

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In a STUNNING display of Google-working, astute researcher, Edward-Not-Harry-Hotspur uncovered interesting information which led to the conclusion of the Saint Kitts & Nevis conundrum. The island of Saint Kitts has a VETERINARIAN SCHOOL. And they do things with sheep there. So very likely it was … Continue reading

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Two Scenarios: from the Mind of a Writer from and the Mind of a Librarian

Which is my mind, of course… I’m in two minds about most things… So this is a fun fast story. I was surprised when I viewed my stats for the 456th time yesterday and saw that I was up 200% … Continue reading

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The Road to Hell

This is my long post of the week – and it will not be accompanied by any pictures because I’m fairly certain this baby ain’t gonna be “Freshly Pressed”… So let us begin…. It is said that the Road to … Continue reading

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The Most Awesome Thing My Mom Did for Me

When I was growing up I read quite a bit. I could spend literally 8 hours straight reading. Not to say I didn’t do other things- but when I was interested in a book – it engulfed me. My favorite … Continue reading

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Hey Clown, Limerick Me One More Time aka The Clip Show

This past week has been especially amazing. I’ve found myself in the midst of a group of really talented writers that have invited me into their world – it’s such an honor for me. I’ve gotten to be a guest … Continue reading

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It’s Reblog-a-thog Week

Time to be spanked by Jen and Tonic ~ For the sensitive souls that might read my blog…um…you’ll learn a lot. Read it – Love it – Then Like it..else Matlock will find you…. We will return to our regularly … Continue reading

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Read it – Love it – Vote for it

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I Confess! I Confess!

My dearest  readers, I must confess – under duress – of the sin of ‘liking’. You see, over at A Clown on Fire there’s a blogging duel going on btwn two teams. Each team has 3 bloggers – and today it … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Gift of Sound & Vision

Very apropos for the Daily Prompt– What role does music play in your life? If you’ve read any of my other posts, especially the earlier ones, you’ll have noticed I’m big on music. Prior to turning 14, I just listened to music. Whatever … Continue reading

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