Hey Clown, Limerick Me One More Time aka The Clip Show

This past week has been especially amazing. I’ve found myself in the midst of a group of really talented writers that have invited me into their world – it’s such an honor for me.

I’ve gotten to be a guest blogger and participate in a fun writing duel – the amount of laughing I’ve done this week has been phenomenal. A lot of people don’t really appreciate the talent that goes into being flat out funny.  Those that think being a ‘writer’ means doing ‘serious work’ are just deluding themselves. To me, making people laugh is where its at.  Not to say that serious work doesn’t have its place – but humor is just as valid.

This post is dedicated a lot of those really funny people I’ve connected with  but I have to give the biggest THANK YOU to Le Clown – he has been very generous – inviting me to be an active participant in his blog – how freaking cool is that?

So without further ado….

I know, I know – Haiku poems are all the rage. However, I decided that I’m more of a limerick gal, myself. So today’s post is like a clip show – I’ve put together some limericks that I’ve posted on other people’s blogs. They are compiled here for your reading pleasure.

Most of these have been posted on Le Clown’s blog….

There once was girl light and airy
with a streak decidedly contrary
she researches for money,
writes Haiku to be funny
and is of the opinion that clowns are quite scary.

(That’s me! That’s me!
above – not below)


I shudder to think of these furries actually touching me…

Today when a furry stopped by,
I thought to myself be it femme or a guy?
The bulge that I saw
made me flee from the door
I’m sweating from fear as I cry.

The next set of limericks were mostly compiled from Haiku day over at Le Clown (A Clown on Fire)

The picture that inspired a 100 nightmarish poems

There once was an ab with some hair
protruding from down under there
the neck muscles straining; the horror remaining
that clown needs to get him some Nair

This next one is in response to references to sci-fi metals from Xmen & Avatar movies…

I can’t remember what the hell these are made of…Comic-Nerds, help me out.

These words move around in my mind
on these meanings I’m somewhat behind
I did not watch Xmen,
nor Avatar next, then
When it comes to these materials, I’m blind.

I’m almost certain someone vomited in these fries

You wrote such a grand little rhyme,
about Poutine and Canucks that this time
Le Clown now your friend,
some Haiku you will bend
I bet you my very last dime.

This next exchange is btwn myself and another blogger who wrote a very clever texty-Haiku (that confused me)

From Runningonsober



I’m a Pop-Culture failure right here –
Please help me be abundantly clear
I have never done text,
those letters they vex
RTMR stands for what, oh my dear?

(Um – they stood for me…Rutabaga The Mercenary Researcher)

I stand here all red in the face
That posting I wish to erase
Sometimes I’m quiet dull,
my senses quite null
I biked 20 miles some place.

One alert reader noted that the title “Haikus are the lowest form of Puns” is inaccurate…

I can’t resist a poop pun
from theChive.com

We try to ignore the overt
for Haiku to be pun is pervert
we laugh all the day,
we frolic and play
with words that we like to subvert

I love to write short little verse
most typically, it’s something perverse
but most of today,
was lightheart and gay
I need not write something to curse

Hot dog filler

There’s hands in the cupboards
There’s feet in the drawer
Much of this stuff you’d probably deplore
My job it does boast
Of parts sent from the post
I’m a mannequin dresser by 4.

Possibly my favorite 

What lovely rhymes you did form
The cockles of my heart are now warm
Le Clown is much scary,
Debauched and quite hairy
But amusing from dusk until dawn

This is a special limerick for Le Clown and his lovely wife The Ringmistress

On a day in the park you did wed
with flowers and sausages and Converse you shed
the music was loud,
the family was proud
but no sex did you have in your bed

A response to one of my favorite writers in the blogosphere (I’m slightly mortified that ‘blogosphere’ is an actual word) Madame Weebles  from Fear No Weebles

Madame W your prose is so fine
Like aged whiskey, pure water and wine
The clown dogs did frighten,
My stomach did tighten
Please don’t come to my town, I decline!

Can I twirl you limerick renown?
I’ll write it then get out of town
I like to make rhymes, but other times
Haiku is the form from Le Clown.

About Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher

I'm a research librarian for Public Television, story teller, bike commuter, baker, music fiend, lover of reading & books, mother, wife, friend - and many more descriptive adjectives and nouns.
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60 Responses to Hey Clown, Limerick Me One More Time aka The Clip Show

  1. aFrankAngle says:

    There’s more humor here than I’ve ever written. It’s also difficult to chose between which is funnier, the post or the comments. Then again, the post sets up the comments. Well done!

  2. Pingback: Blogroll Inductee – The Mercenary Researcher | A Clown On Fire

  3. becca3416 says:

    I appreciate what you said about writing to make people laugh. It does take talent, and I am constantly amazed by the hilarity that ensues on WordPress!

  4. I loved those limericks, Rutabaga. I dub you Poet Laureate of WordPress.

  5. saradraws says:

    I don’t think anyone has written a limerick about me before. It makes me feel famous. And it made me laugh. Six points for you!
    By the way, Wolverine’s claws are made from adamantium. In case that one was still aching to be answered.

  6. H.E. ELLIS says:

    I applaud your commitment to the Haiku. I, for one, would rather stare into the sun or a naked Abe Vigoda’s red, hairy @#$% before attempting to write even one of those.

    I am attempting an “Ode” of sorts in the days to come. I’ll be sure to link that post to this one so others might bask in the glow of your Haikuber awesomeness.

  7. Le Clown says:

    Reblogged this on A Clown On Fire and commented:
    A very nice, and kind, and flattering, and ego-boosting post about Le Clown, which you will read. I am magnificently grateful to you, Denise, for the post.

  8. You’re my favorite kind of triple threat – funny, smart and kind.

  9. Le Clown says:

    This is a wonderful post. What a nice thing to wake up on.
    1. I couldn’t thank you enough for accepting to be a guest blogger for my Sunday Haiku frenzies. You took your part seriously, and you encouraged other bloggers to push it further. Thank you.
    2. You even mentioned my wedding. You know, it was our first year anniversary, but last week, on the 20, we celebrated 4 years together. Le Clown is a joker, but quite the ball of emotions when it comes to the Ringmistress.
    3. Running on Sober: Chillout, my friend! Running and biking I am sure she will, but she is great fun to read, and I hope Denise continue to write and have fun with that creativity of hers.
    Denise, I have a feeling we will see much more of each other.
    Le Clown

    • I meant every word of this post and thank you for your kind words back. Not everyone will open up their space and allow others to showcase their talents. That shows a big heart and a confident soul.
      I will always make time to write~ and bike…I’m willing to sacrifice housework for the sake of writing and exercise. They both help maintain my sanity.

      Brigitte (over at Brigitte’s Banter) and I decided you were are clown bridge to good people. And that you are my friend!

    • runningonsober says:

      Haha Le Clown, I am so chill that Vanilla Ice wrote a song about me, “Ice Ice Baby.”
      I was just making a bad joke about something Denise previously mentioned. I’m really not all that funny, it’s all illusion.
      I think you’re awesome. You would kick my derrière in a shouting contest, most certainly.

  10. runningonsober says:

    Remind me to send Karen flowers one of these days as a thank-you for bringing us together!

    Le Clown is cool and all, but if he cuts into your running and biking time (ie creativity, imagination, idea and story forming time for my own selfish reading pleasure) then I’m afraid I’ll have to have words with him. From a distance, like a shouting contest, because those wolverine blades scare me.

    Here’s a non-textual haiku for you:

    How awesome are you?
    You are an effin monster!
    Happy to be friends!

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