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Musical Musings on my Bike – I Want to Know HOW…and WHY

Yesterday I had a lovely bike ride – and as always, my mind wandered -thinking of a myriad of topics – stories, philosophy, general contemplation etc.  And as is typical, I was also listening to music. This song came on: I love this … Continue reading

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This is a freaky story. I’m curious to hear your feedback (that’s my code word to encourage you [yes, YOU] to reply to this posting). I am curious if anyone has had a similar experience and how they interpreted it. … Continue reading

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I Just KNEW it!

I’m jumping up and down – GIDDY with excitement!!! Yes, I have an other little small-world gem to share. So as you may or may not know and/or care, I’ve been in the world o’blog since June or July of … Continue reading

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