Judy – WHY? WHY!!!

I’m not going to deny that I’m doing the ‘happy dance’ this morning after the RE-Election of President Obama. However, this post is not really about that.  It’s about the ruination of my nerd-joy last night.

I love watching political analysis, especially post debates and during an election. I guess I should qualify that statement – I love watching political analysis on PBS.  Gwen Ifill is my absolute favorite person on PBS NewsHour, and I fervently wish that Washington Week was an hour long program.

Gwen Ifill RULES – I wish she’d run for president
Photo Credit: Current.org

So I was thrilled to see Gwen at the main analysis table with David Brooks and Mark Shields when I started watching the returns last night on the PBS NewsHour.  I love these two guys too – I think David Brooks is possibly the only fiscally conservative Republican that I enjoy listening to.  And Mark Shields is always an entertaining Democrat.

Nerd Joy
Photo Credit: PBS NewsHour

One of the things I particularly love about the PBS NewsHour, besides getting to run analysis of its ratings for my job (WHOO HOO!), is that their set is basically a table, chairs, a backdrop and talking heads. I cannot abide the garish and cheezy looking sets of most of the news programs on TV – it makes them all look like they are reporting on behalf of the National Enquirer.  I don’t require flash and dramatics with my news – I want to hear intelligent discourse….I don’t need the news to look like a reality show.

I also think that Jim Lehrer is adorable with his teddy bear eyes. I’ve never seen such round eyes on human before.  But that’s neither here nor there…

Look at those roundy teddy bear eyes…
Photo Credit: PBS NewsHour

What killed it for me last night as I sat down with excitement and trepidation (the fiasco with the Bush elections has left me scarred and suspicious for the obvious reasons) was the fourth person at the Gwen-table.   Judy Woodruff…and it wasn’t her personality. It was her clothing choice. It was those damn buttons.

Just posting this picture was enough to put me off my lunch…

WHY JUDY? WHY? WHY DID YOU HAVE TO WEAR A TOP WITH BUTTONS THE SIZE OF A SMALL CHILD’S FACE???I could barely look at her the whole night. Luckily I liked Mark Shield’s purple and blue stripped tie, so I was able to focus on that when they panned towards the two of them.  But it seriously made it hard for me to watch – and like I said, I LOVE watching talking heads.  Eventually, I just had to take off my glasses and try not to make eye-to-button contact with Judy’s clothing.

However, the outcome compensated for the mental pain.

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23 Responses to Judy – WHY? WHY!!!

  1. shoutabyss says:

    Nerd rage over buttons. That’s pretty nerdy. 🙂

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    I was thinking what an interesting woman you are, so engaged with the political debates etc, & then so laughed when you talked about the buttons!! I’m from Australia & don’t know any of that, but you so made me laugh. It’s true, buttons can be THA DESTROYER!

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  3. The Waiting says:

    OK, so, I adore Gwen Ifill. She is pretty much the most awesome anchor of all time. I didn’t see the buttons but I am Googling them now…..

    ……and yes. Bad. Very bad.

    • I LOVE Gwen – I even has an autographed PICTURE of her addressed to me!! I’m always envious of my friends at WETA that get to work right next to GWEN. When I make it to DC in the future, I will get to visit the set of the PBS NewsHour…and I got to meet Gwen in person several years ago when she was doing a talking tour…she’s so funny…


  4. runningonsober says:

    Teddy bear eyes!!! Yes!!! I knew he reminded me of someone.

  5. You’re so right about Jim Lehrer! He is like a human teddy bear 🙂

  6. Social media is so full of mean craaaaayzay things today. It’s like a parade of paranoia and values that I thought were basically extinguished in the 60’s. I’m sooooooooo glad that the source of your frustration was gimantico buttons. Like I really needed this right now. Thank YOU!! Now… let me get back to my pancakes…

  7. This was so funny, and I loved your open honesty declaring your nerd joy. Nerds Unite!!!!!

  8. becca3416 says:

    Put buttons that big on Jim up there and you have Paddington the Bear

  9. TAE says:

    I’m very grateful that this was “the thing” that bothered you last night…

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