Ceci est un test pour Le Clown

Recently it has been revealed to me that in Quebec, children do not grow up with Sesame Street and children’s programs of a similar cheery ilk. Cartoons in Quebec, apparently, are an amalgam of Edward Gorey story plots and Japanese anime.  As Le Clown put it “we were raised on cartoon characters that were orphans; miserable, sad, abused and ignored, and more often than not, beaten up”.   It puts me in the mind of a Gorey favorite, The Hapless Child

At any rate, I always took it for granted that Sesame Street characters are recognizable, almost iconic, in most of the western world. It seems that I was dreadfully wrong and completely ethnocentric.  But I do find it amusing that our Canadian neighbors to the North do not always recognize America’s most famous friends, Ernie and Burt.

So today, while biking along to meet a friend for coffee, I realized I was wearing my one of my favorite shirts and how apropos it is to both Movember and Sesame Street. Then I realized I still needed to post a Movember post while at the same time posting some ego-stroking material for Le Clown, because everyone is doing it and I feel compelled to jump on the bandwagon.  I even stopped on my bike to whip out my notebook and make notes.  Pretty impressive, eh?

So, Le Clown, a test for you – here we go…

(It’s 12 seconds – listen for god’s sake)

Ahem  –
Rule #1)  If you are Le Clown, and you’ll know this by looking in the mirror and/or checking your government issued ID,  take note of the tee-shirt picture below. If you are not Le Clown, my sympathies, and you may look at the picture as well- but that is all…

Photo Credit: ME!

Rule #2) Le Clown, without using the Internet Tubes OR The Ringmistress as a research resource, name the Mustachioed characters above.  I will give you a hint, to my knowledge, not one of them has been beaten into submission by a drunkard in an orphanage.

Rule #3) Be amused that I own a mustache shirt and sleep on flannel sheets with penguins.

Rule #4) Listen to the song below. Because I’m pretty sure it was written for you, Le Clown.  Note the circus intro and it is aptly titled:  The Man on the Burning Tightrope

Good luck – and may the farce force be with you

That is all ~

About Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher

I'm a research librarian for Public Television, story teller, bike commuter, baker, music fiend, lover of reading & books, mother, wife, friend - and many more descriptive adjectives and nouns.
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37 Responses to Ceci est un test pour Le Clown

  1. iRuniBreathe says:

    I love that shirt! I’m not sure what Le Clown is doing over in that part of Le Canada or what kind of programming they have. I grew up on the west coast of Canada, and could name all those friendly mustachioed pals. I love to Count! Hah hah hah.

  2. Children watch a story about a girl who DIES because her father kills her?! It’s like the Little Princess – only completely different because her story is HAPPY! No wonder Canadians are so nice; they probably expect people to get run over by their families or sold into slavery, so they don’t want to add rudeness into people’s super sad lives…

  3. Le Clown says:

    Now that I have passed your test with brilliance, I myself have a test for you:
    In your title, you have a mistake. Did you find it? Of course you did.
    “LE” Clown

  4. Le Clown says:

    Here we go:
    Big Bird, Ernie, Vampire on Chocolate Cereal Box, Cookie Monster, Ernie’s boyfriend, Grover, Oscar and Elmo!
    HA!!!!! I want my prize!
    Le Clown

  5. becca3416 says:

    I want that shirt! You should auction it off or something.

  6. Caillou is Canadian. That’s all I’m saying.

  7. That is an AWESOME shirt!

    Where can I get one?

  8. Love Edward Gorey. I have several postcards with some of his sketches. I bought them in college and they have traveled all around the world with me, always taped to a kitchen cabinet so I can see them front and center.

  9. Le Clown says:

    You are magnificent!!! I will take the test, from work tomorrow, and be paid for it! But this is incredibly clever, and I am up for the challenge!! And this really, really made me laugh… No answers from other bloggers please, as Denise said…
    Le Clown

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