I’m All Verklempt

Greetings People ~

It’s been kind of an amazing day. I’ve been bestowed with TWO things o’awesomeness. TWO!! TWO, I TELL YA!  That is spelled T-W-O. And now I’m all verklempt – sniff, sniff.

First off, MissFourEyes posted about nekkid blogging and bestowing awards for those in the nude.  I, alas, have a hard time doing that considering that I blog in my kitchen and it’s a house filled with others that are not hep on seeing me blog nekkid. So ya know what MissFourEyes did for ME? SHE MADE ME AN AWARD!!!

How awesome is THIS? Photo Credit: MISSFOUREYES!!!

How awesome is THIS?
Photo Credit: MISSFOUREYES!!!

Thank you, MissFourEyes! For the most part, I eschew wearing a bra, so maybe that’s close?

And we ALL know that things just get better and better when you aspire to blog nekkid…

Madame Weebles bestowed upon me a nickname that I just LOVE… it’s Ladycakes… THANK YOU, WEEBS!! I don’t know why, but it just tickles my fancy.

And that’s my Monday – pretty damn excellent, eh?

UPDATE! UPDATE! My FABULOUS husband brought me home rotisserie chicken… IT IS SO GOOD!

About Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher

I'm a research librarian for Public Television, story teller, bike commuter, baker, music fiend, lover of reading & books, mother, wife, friend - and many more descriptive adjectives and nouns.
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102 Responses to I’m All Verklempt

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  3. Nicole Marie says:

    Congrats on the award AND the nickname! And I love me some rotisserie chicken, mmmmmmm.

  4. Congrats on being naked so much that you earned an award for it!

  5. Gah. This IS a good day! Also– the word nekkid is super.
    Annnd sometimes I read through all the comments here because they keep my totally entertained.

  6. The Hook says:

    Braless is a good look for you, I bet!
    Congrats on the badge, nickname and tasty hubby-chicken!
    By the way, i have a post that needs a home – it works better on a female’s site, I think – if you’re interested in checking it out, let me know…

  7. "HE WHO" says:

    A little too much information. If you really aspire to be “The Nekkid Blogger” why not lock yourself and your laptop in the bathroom and have at it. Talk about multitasking. And about Ladycakes… if I might ask, are we talking cupcakes or bundt cakes, cheese cakes or coffee cakes, red velvet cakes or pat-a-cakes? Exactly what is a “Lady” cake? Is it like a honey bear? Does a Ladycake on ice require a hockey stick? This inquiring moron wants to know.

  8. Brigitte says:

    Ruta, late to your lovely Monday party but it sounds as if you had a great one. Hope today’s even better and if it inspires you to write sans clothing, then just go for it.

  9. Thom Topham says:

    Oops – my finger slipped, as it were… certainly.

  10. Thom Topham says:

    You caertainly bring some exuberant joy to the blogging table! Have you ever read Armistead Maupin? ‘Babycakes’ (close) is one of his wonderful books. Time for some nekkid… lunch here in London, England

  11. I say go for the nakedness…the fam would probably leave you alone and let you blog un-interrupted. Ladycakes is an awesome name…I keep thinking of you with frosting…hmmmm…naked with frosting. I say do it.

  12. Oh, I just love happy posts! Yes, a great Monday all around, with the chicken being the icing on the cake 🙂

  13. El Guapo says:

    But Ladycakes?
    That’s as odd a name as someone for hire named after a vege—
    Congratulations Ladycakes! 😉

  14. twindaddy says:

    Dearest naked Ladycakes, you could have just told us you blogged naked and we would never have known.

  15. Hey, how is anyone supposed to know whether you’re blogging naked or not? I’m blogging naked right NOW. Maybe not. Maybe I’m just wearing he pinafore – without the dress. Wait, that’s creepy. I’m not actually a little girl, I’m a librarian. What is this with all the peen talk, yet we’re not on my 50 Shades post? Confused!

  16. MissFourEyes says:

    Ladycakes is by far the best nickname ever! And you make a good Aspiring Naked Blogger for putting up a full blown up version of the badge up there! Thanks for the shout out 😉

  17. A Gripping Life says:

    I am the opposite of naked – I’m Diane Keaton in “Something’s Gotta Give.” Give me a black turtle neck, even in the middle of summer. I need to be covered. Naked blogging? I leave that to you, pretty lady. Whatever it takes to inspire writing like yours, is all good. 😉

    • I’m not all that comfy in my own skin – so this is an attempt to be more accepting of my body…

      You’re just modest because, as you’ve noted, you’re a nice Mormon gal. But I’m inclined to cover up with a lot of clothing more than not!!

      Aww – thank you for the kind words ~

  18. Miss Ladycakes, and a very Happy Un-Birthday as well. It has been an awesome day for you. Presents coming up!

  19. TAE says:

    That pic just made me crack up, ha. Thanks!

  20. Carrie Rubin says:

    I should say! That may be one of the coolest blog badges out there. I know I will never blog naked or even aspire to blog naked, so sadly it won’t land on my site. But like a voyeur, I’ll enjoying reading the posts of those who proudly showcase its splendor…

  21. rossmurray1 says:

    Can I wait until the spring to blog naked? There seems to be a lot of “scrutiny” today and I don’t want to risk any shrinkage.

  22. Nice going, Ladycakes! I generally can’t get away with eschewing a bra unless I want to go for shock value. It’s not an attractive look when you’re super well-endowed…it looks like I’ve got 2 cats fighting under my shirt. There are worse problems to have, but still. But when I’m in the house, anything goes. Maybe I’ll start blogging nekkid. It’s just me, Mr. Weebles and the Weeblettes, and the Weeblettes walk around nekkid all the time. They’re shameless.

    • Those cats are such hussies!

      I totally stopped wearing a bra after my breast reduction – it was so wonderful.. now at 43 (almost), I’m starting to pay for that lack of bra-less-ness…but I still don’t care when I’m at home – or I just wear a sports bra which is as UNBRAWED as you can get with something over the ladies.

      Let us know how the Nekkid works for ya!

  23. unfetteredbs says:

    I am slightly perplexed as to why anyone would want to blog naked but hey we all have our “thing” haa I love the SNL clip. Ladycakes– mmm I think I like that for you too. It so fits. Sounds like you had a good Monday

  24. You can be nekkid in spirit!! That has to account for something. 🙂

  25. Le Clown says:

    I wish I could say I am looking at my wife blogging naked right now… but I’d like to live another day.
    Le Clown

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