I found my Yoga grove

I fell in love with Bikram Yoga today – went for the first time and I LOVED it. I have done T’ai Chi on/off for years – but I could never find a Yoga grove. This style feels absolutely ‘right’ for me. I love being able to sweat freely and being in a place where people aren’t concerned about smell, sweat or how they look – you just do it. It was so relaxing and energizing. I am just so amazed by it. My son’s most excellent teacher-now-grad-student-now-friend wrote this piece which I want to share about Bikram Yoga.

A Healthy Transformation

During the school year, I’d frequently drive by this little tan building.  I’d always been curious about it, so when summer started I decided to give it a shot.  I’ve never been very flexible or great with balance, and I’ve heard the hot room is supposed to be a great detox and help you stretch deeper than normal.  I was a little nervous to do it, so I got a couple Kino graduates to sign up with me, and I took my first Bikram yoga class.

I watched the clock the entire time, counting down the sweat dripping seconds till the final breathing posture.  I thought, What was I thinking!?  I can’t wait till this hellish class is over. And then, like a Bikram miracle, I finished the class, walked into the air-conditioned lobby, and felt an amazing euphoria wash over me.  I’ve gone almost everyday this week, and now…

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11 Responses to I found my Yoga grove

  1. unfetteredbs says:

    Can’t say that I would ever try this but my hats off to you for doing it!

  2. Brigitte says:

    Ruta, I tried this for 25 classes, stopped for a year and tried it again for about five classes. I could not get into it. I felt so hot and uncomfortable sometimes, I’d get pissed off so I knew there wasn’t any point! Yoga is supposed to make one feel calmer I think. But I’m glad you’ve found something that speaks to you! Keep us posted.

    • I was commenting before, I think Bikram style, like licorice and coconut, is something you either LOVE or HATE.
      The fact that you know how many classes you took is probably telling that it’s not your favorite.

      Yes, I would imagine if you are getting pissed off…it’s not the right kind of yoga for you.

  3. The Hook says:

    You call it yoga, I call it having a stroke…

  4. robincoyle says:

    I did Bikram yoga once. My face was beet red for hours! Unfortunately, we had a party to go to that night and I looked like I was heated!

  5. fitnessie says:

    This is inspiring me to start up Bikram again! Maybe this summer I’ll do a month membership or the challenge again…

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