The Daily Prompt poses the following query:

Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not?

Why yes, yes there is. That would be any place where SNAKES slither wildly about and/or drop out of trees in a higgly piggly fashion.


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I am also prone to avoiding any place on earth that might be promoting a circus – especially ones infested with clowns…possibly holding snakes and trying to engage me in conversation.

That might put me off music forever....AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!Photo Credit:

That might put me off music forever….AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Photo Credit:

Oh yeah, last place I would avoid like the snake-clown-plague…any place that FORCES you to wear the most dreaded notion (definition #4) in existence…buttons.

So basically, I think I’ll be living out my life in Antarctica – because according to this website:  Absolutely no snakes: Ireland, Antarctica.  Of course my first choice is Ireland, but I fear that they may have clowns and buttons about.

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64 Responses to NO THANKS! KEEP AWAY!

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  3. twindaddy says:

    Are there snakes in the desert?

  4. Why is it that we have snakes in UK but not over in Ireland. Surly snakes can’t be indigenous to Britain if there are none in Ireland so I can only conclude that some crazy psycho actually brought snakes to the UK. Why would anyone do that?! I get creeped out by anything snakish – slow-worms, eels, slugs… ughhhh.

  5. jwdwrites says:

    Ok, snakes I get, clowns hmmm….. buttons! Really? Make sure you wrap up warm for Antarctica, zip up clothing or velcro of course.

  6. MissFourEyes says:

    Snakes I’m okay with. I do not like sad clowns. They freak me out! WHY? Why are they sad?!

  7. The Hook says:

    I’m with you!
    Forget snakes and clowns. With the exception of Le Clown, of course!

  8. Rohan 7 Things says:

    Swap those snakes for spiders and you’ve got my worst nightmare. A stampede of clowns chasing me down a narrow hallway while pulling handfuls of Brazilian Wandering Spiders out of their spider bags and throwing them at me and at the same time cackling dementedly is about the most terrifying thing I can think of.

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the nightmares…



    • My pleasure Rohan! Clowns throwing anything is bound to be warped or to warp another.

      Spiders don’t bother me at all – my husband get a little freaky about them 🙂 – and bees…he loathes bees…I’m the official bee-killer in the pool.

  9. Agreed! No thank you to any of this!!!

  10. There’s a small village in Shropshire that has just recently banned all snakes, clowns and buttons; they are quite fanatical about it; only yesterday a cardigan salesman with a large penis and a red nose due to the flu was set upon, stuffed in a suitcase and thrown down a well.

  11. robincoyle says:

    I’ve never heard of “button phobia.” Snakes and clowns? Yes. Buttons? No. How do you feel about velcro?

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  13. Jennifer says:

    Clowns I can handle, but then I haven’t met a conventions worth in one go though, buttons are just plain gorgeous!!! But that picture of the snakes will have me running for the hills – you’ll hear me from where you are if I see that many all at once! Good luck on the Ireland-Antarctic thing… you do like the cold don’t you?

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  15. I have been to both places; I happened upon a clown convention in Mexico, and visiting snake dens used to be part of my job. Neither was very pleasant, although I would choose the snake den over the clown convention if I had to.

  16. So, do none of your clothes have buttons? I’m with you, I don’t like snakes either and definitely not a whole mass of them!

  17. Snakes don’t really bother me. Maybe because my third grade teacher kept her Boa Constrictor in the classroom? True story. 🙂

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  19. happyzinny says:

    I understand the snake fear, I understand the clown fear, but what’s up with the buttons?

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  21. El Guapo says:

    Every time I hear of someone who hates clowns, I’m confused.
    Explain why please.

  22. No snakes for Ladycakes?? Snakes don’t really bother me, although I’m not sure I’d want to be in a pile of them like in that photo. For me it’s bugs. So I refuse to go anywhere tropical with a lot of giant creepy crawlies. No. Uh-uh. You can’t make me.

  23. mairedubhtx says:

    I’m with you. No snakes, no clowns. I quite like penguins, though. I’s go to Antarctica with you. No snakes, no clowns, no buttons, no worries.

  24. SocietyRed says:

    I’m with you on the snakes, Antarctica is too cold though. I’d suggest Hawaii-no snakes there!

  25. I sort of like snakes, but only the ones I’ve known individually as the pet of a friend. I knew guy who had a one that he let roam about his apartment like a pet cat. That critter took a liking to me and would always come and wrap around my arm like a bracelet and just hang out there until I left. I can do without coming on them by surprise or in large numbers though. Yuck!

    • Trinity – you are a brave lass ~

      I had some friends with snakes – but they put them in their cages when I came over b/c I’d just sit there completely rigid with FEAR. I’ve held snakes that people have owned – I can deal with that (sort of) – but not ‘surprise’ snakes!

      You’re the snake-whisper!

  26. Elyse says:

    Keep off of planes and you will be just fine.

  27. Kenton Lewis says:

    I thought the snakes were bad. What could be worse? Clowns – you did it, something worse than snake.

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  29. Carrie Rubin says:

    Okay, you know I’m going to need therapy now after seeing that image of snakes…

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