Let’s Go Shopping!!

Greetings People ~
In a continuing effort to avoid writing, I’ve invited the illustrious and Pressed Freshly talent of Steph Rogers from SHE SAID WHAT?

Take it away Steph!

P.S. If anyone is thinking of something nice to get me, I’d like a number 5,  because Steph tells me that ‘The zombies are coming’ and they’re free range too!


Hello readers of The Mercenary Researcher. I’m here to visit you, how cool is this?!

Anyway I thought maybe today we could do some shopping. I love shopping. I do that a fair bit over at my place.

I have rigged up all these images so that if you wish to purchase any of them you can just click the image and go straight through to the website with the purchase details. No I am not being paid by these companies to do so, but if they’re out there and listening I would gladly exchange free press for free items?

The first item on my list is a new t-shirt… and I have the purrrrfect one! It’s from a company called The Mountain.

cat t-shirt

Best Shirt EVAAAAA

I also like to dress up, and go out incognito. I hate being recognised coming out of the video easy with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in my hand. The best thing for that is one of these. I’ll blend right in, nobody will ever recognise me!

horse mask

Holy Crap! Is that a horse driving a car?!

And the horsey goodness is only $23.42 USD (plus postage) – Bargain!!

It’s going into winter here in Australia. I am an avid baby-wearer. I carry my child around in a sling all the time, but it does get tough in cold weather to keep us both warm. Never fear! The solution is here!

baby carrying blanket

Perfect for a winter’s day

Although this version is just a little bit cooler…

Alien chestburster

I need one of these so badly!

The best part about the Chestburster (apart from the name) is the description…

Alien chestburster - description

And of course the bargain basement price. If you have any fancy dress parties coming up why not go in this Spaceballs inspired outfit? I know I will be. If we’re going to the same party perhaps we’d better check with each other first though. Two chestbursters might just be a little embarrassing.

In keeping with the new theme over here I thought one of these might be a good addition to my bathroom

blood bath mat

The Zombies are coming

I’m always on the lookout for great new cleaning products. I loathe cleaning and love anything that will get it done faster. This one caught my eye. I could put the kids to work, even the little one who doesn’t walk yet!

baby mop onesie

Child labor – always a bonus

I also love to feed the wildlife. In Australia we don’t have squirrels. But if we did, this would be top of my list..

big head squirrel feeder

The Big Head Squirrel Feeder

Alas it appears I am almost out of funds. I would like to purchase one last wardrobe item for those ‘dog days’ when I don’t feel in a pink cat kind of a mood. This is an Australian Shepherd – and I’m Australian – see what I did there?

Australian Shepherd Tee

nawwwww how adorable. Don’t you just want to pat his face… oh wait… this could get problematic.

Thanks for joining me on our little shopping trip today. It has been loads of fun! A bit of retail therapy always cheers me up!

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21 Responses to Let’s Go Shopping!!

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  2. The Hook says:

    That hairless cat shirt has scarred me for life.

  3. This was awesome. omg. I’m totally ordering the bath mat. And love the child labor concept…smert people out there.this was FUN!!!

  4. robincoyle says:

    Boy, why wasn’t the baby mop onesie around then my kids were babies? My house would have been a lot cleaner.

  5. twindaddy says:

    How does the baby get in and out of that sweater?

  6. MissFourEyes says:

    I just saw that bloody bath mat yesterday on Amazon and had to convince myself not to get one. But that baby mop onsie? I NEED it. I don’t know any babies, but if any of my friends decides to have one it’ll make such a great gift!

  7. I think I need the blood bath mat. Yes. I do.

  8. stephrogers says:

    Reblogged this on She Said What? and commented:

    Hi Blog Peeps,
    I am going out visiting today. My first stop is at the home of the wonderful Mercenary Researcher. Come on over. We’re going shopping. I love shopping!
    See you there

  9. Carrie Rubin says:

    I love that Awesome Invention’s site. Such cool stuff on there, though I have to admit, the baby-coming-out-of-mom’s chest sweater freaked me out a bit…

  10. xdanigirl says:

    I’ve seen the blood mats before and I REALLY REALLY want one!! They crack me up!

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