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Attention! Attention! The White Zone is for Loading and Unloading Only

Greetings People ~ It’s been a little dry up in my brain. I have lots o’stuff going on, but nothing I think is worthy of a entire post (unless it’s to hear me whine about stress or hear me prattle … Continue reading

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Guest Blogging about Bears

Hi People ~ I’m guest blogging on Rohan’s site – Rohan7things.  He was awfully nice to have me.  Enjoy your read!

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Are Your Hipbones Protruding? Yes? I Think I Love You ~ The Story of Scott and The Story of Lu

Originally posted on The Mercenary Researcher:
It’s my second semester at college. Annie & Karen are nudging me – they want me to notice that guy across the courtyard. They tell me he keeps looking at me and he always…

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Barbie Dolls – Don’t Be Hatin

Originally posted on Mended Musings:
I’m going to open up a can of worms and admit something that might not be very popular. I let my daughter play with Barbie dolls. I’ve read repeatedly that Barbie dolls contribute to the…

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The Plague of the “Happy Whens”

Originally posted on Views from the Podium:
I used to be a “happy when” person. When I was an actress it was, “I’ll be happy when I work at such and such theatre.”  Then once I worked there it turned…

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Confessions of a Thread Hijacker

I have something to admit. I’m a hijacker. Of posts and threads… On Eraseboards…. With Chalkboards…. I can’t help myself.  As with most things I adore, I am COMPELLED. Compelled to write one liners and quippy rejoinders – I could … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Explains it All

Originally posted on Speaker7:
Donald Trump is the news again because. . . um . . . there have been no shark attacks? I’m not sure why. ABC scored the interview after a bull shark from Discovery Channel’s Shark Week…

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