Five Truths and One Little White Lie

Greetings People ~

I know, I know, it’s been AGES since I’ve posted anything.  Honestly, things have been insane – between my husband’s hip replacement surgery (which went smashingly), driving all over the place because he could not, the holiday season starting and my own mental breakdown (all internal) – I’ve not had a lot of drive to write anything.

Luckily there’s been a fun topic going around called “Five Truths & a Lie” – where I tell you 6 things about me but one of them is a flagrant LIE.  And since we all know what a poor liar I am, we’ll see if I can pull this off.

Ready? OK!

1) I had a very short stint in a sorority – very short…because really – I don’t belong in a sorority…or near a sorority…

2) I am a belly dancer – I started at age 19 because I read Tom Robbins “Skinny Legs and All” and I wanted to brave something by myself for the first time ever. I totally have the belly and hips to pull it off.

3) I was a gymnast when I was younger and could do an aerial (no-handed) cartwheel on the balance beam.   Then I hit puberty…no one wants a gymnast with breasts and hips…sad but true.

4) My favorite movie is John Waters’ Hairspray – and I got to meet someone that was in the movie as he works in public television at WETA in DC…I made him sign my Hairspray DVD.

5) My cousin won several million dollars in the NY state lottery – I hope he remembers me in his will…

6) I dropped out of college for a semester to attend bar-tending school – despite the fact that I am allergic to alcohol and cannot stay up past 9PM.


Ok people – which of these interesting factoids is NOT true?

About Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher

I'm a research librarian for Public Television, story teller, bike commuter, baker, music fiend, lover of reading & books, mother, wife, friend - and many more descriptive adjectives and nouns.
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46 Responses to Five Truths and One Little White Lie

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  2. BigLizzy says:

    Rutabaga-baby, Hmmmm…..I’m gonna go with #5. Can’t wait til tomorrow when we all find out. This is fun! 🙂

  3. Mrs. P says:

    I was thinking #2 but #5 is also suspicious…I think I’ll go with #5.

  4. Karen says:

    I’m going to say #1 but it could be #6. What’s sad is that were actually friends so I should know!

  5. Not a clue! I just wanted to say I was glad to hear your husband’s surgery went well.

  6. Jennie Saia says:

    Oh, I have no idea… How about #2, because it’s fun!

  7. Oh, you’re good at this, Denise! I’m going to say #3 is the lie. I have just have a knack for these things. It’s all in the way your phrased it. My second choice is #5, because what are the chances of that?!

    Good to see you! I’m happy your husband’s surgery went well. I hope your mental state is faring well, too! Hang in there, missy!

  8. I’m going for number 2, the belly dancing, not because I don’t think you could do it, but because I think you’re too modest to say “I totally have the belly and hips to pull it off.” Although if I’m wrong then I’m going to regret saying that because it will sound like a criticism! Haha….maybe I should change my answer…hmmm…

  9. Carrie Rubin says:

    I’m between #5 and #6. I’m going to go with #6 because I’ve never heard of anyone allergic to alcohol (well, maybe the grains in beer). I look forward to finding out. 🙂

  10. El Guapo says:

    I’ll go with one. For exactly the reasons you list.

  11. Lauren Johnson says:

    Hmm….I’m guessing #6??

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