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From the stench that wafts from bums; something wicked this way comes

My fast morning story – In the 1990s my husband and I would often take an overnight trip to Bisbee, AZ – and in lieu of driving one of near-to-dying-cars, we opted for a ride on Greyhound. This also allowed … Continue reading

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Time to Label the Crazy

Originally posted on The Mercenary Researcher:
Let’s not beat around the bush any longer.  I’m a little weird…as we all are. I have a few phobias.  Everyone has phobias – germs, bugs, flying, public speaking – but these are not…

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5×5? Why Not

Who am I to buck a trend? Several of my blogging friends have been participating in the 5×5 thingamajiggy – it started with  Benzeknees and just spread out like ooooooze from a wound.  Vanessa,  Carrie Rubin and Rarasaur have all joined in and if it’s good … Continue reading

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Half a Mile Outside of Bloody Basin

Originally posted on The Mercenary Researcher:
“The car broke down about half a mile outside of Bloody Basin” Yes, there really IS a Bloody Basin.Photo Credit: These are the words I spoke to the tow-truck company over the phone…

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Becky says things about … being lost in translation

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Greetings to you all, most splendid listeners! I have acquired a few more of you since my last post on being cheerful had the glorious fortune to be Freshly Pressed; and, as the majority…

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