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The Most Awesome Thing My Mom Did for Me

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When I was growing up I read quite a bit. I could spend literally 8 hours straight reading. Not to say I didn’t do other things- but when I was interested in a book…

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Am I barmy – hee hee…

Hi All, I’ve been off  the blog-train for a bit, but see that now there’s a new interface for the editor… however, I cannot figure out how to post YouTube content. I switched to “Classic Mode” (and promptly lost my … Continue reading

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What are you on about? And other Excellent Phrases and Words I wish I could use

The following is a small list of English words & phrases that I wish would/could catch on in the States: (most are probably a mixture of dialect and colloquialisms…which someone of a more linguistic bent could probably distinguish the difference)   Rubbish….as in … Continue reading

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Labeling the Crazy Part II

Originally posted on The Mercenary Researcher:
Aversion:  a feeling of repugnance toward something with a desire to avoid or turn from it I’m convinced that once you’ve divulged to the world – or at least the 50 people that read…

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