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Searching for Tribe

Give me some place that I can go  Where I don’t have to justify myself Swimming out alone against this tide Looking for a family looking for tribe                          … Continue reading

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Double Dog Dare

Hmmm… I think I’ve accepted a ‘double dog dare’ from my friend to write more. I don’t know what that’s exactly going to look like – but it may or may not involve you being suckered into reading more stuff. … Continue reading

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I know we are connected

In the past I was chastised by a peer. It concerned giving my opinion about a matter amongst a group of people.  He took me to task because he felt that another person in the group might have been upset … Continue reading

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5×5? Why Not

Who am I to buck a trend? Several of my blogging friends have been participating in the 5×5 thingamajiggy – it started with  Benzeknees and just spread out like ooooooze from a wound.  Vanessa,  Carrie Rubin and Rarasaur have all joined in and if it’s good … Continue reading

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Looking in the Mirror

Ish – this is a hard post to write.  It’s always difficult to hold a mirror up to yourself and see something ugly reflected back, but I would guess that these kinds of self-discoveries are the kinds that help us … Continue reading

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I Do Believe it was a Hoarder

Several years ago I became obsessed with mosaics -as in making them. It culminated in a gigantic wall piece that I made in the kitchen. It took 2 months and 25 lbs of grout – it also kind of sucked … Continue reading

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And the LIE is…

Ok people ~ as I write this, only one person  (El Guapo) has correctly guessed my lie and one person  (Karen*) sorta guessed it.  I guess I’m better at it than I gave myself credit for… 1) I had a very short stint … Continue reading

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Five Truths and One Little White Lie

Greetings People ~ I know, I know, it’s been AGES since I’ve posted anything.  Honestly, things have been insane – between my husband’s hip replacement surgery (which went smashingly), driving all over the place because he could not, the holiday … Continue reading

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A Leap of Faith – A Teacher’s Perspective

Unconditional Teaching “Accepting students for who they are, rather than what they do, is integrally related to the teaching of a whole child” – Alfie Kohn, The Whole Child People often ask me why I am a teacher, they say … Continue reading

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Next Week’s Special

Greetings People ~ Well, I’ve been away for a while – nursing my husband’s new hip and not killing anyone. I’ve come close, I won’t lie, but have manged reigned in my rage angst.  This experience, whilst bringing my husband … Continue reading

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