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Yes – I’m Venting

I’m taking advantage of having a blog to just VENT.  About my weight. I’m trying to rise above it – but I don’t get it. I’ve been told to exercise, don’t drink soda, don’t eat fast foods, I don’t eat … Continue reading

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The First Share

I brought my first victim, er friend to Bikram today. I have to admit I was a bit nervous; I tend to get rather intense about things I like (I also tend to be intensely enthused for something for about … Continue reading

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Life as an Articulated Straw

I spent many years of my life avoiding Yoga. I didn’t have a ‘groove’ for it like I did for T’ai Chi.  Anytime I tried it – I would inevitably crunch my lower back; cursing Cobra for my injury.  I’m … Continue reading

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Within my Own Body

This post is dedicated to Greg – a most amazing Bikram instructor and all around delightful person. Thank you ~  I love moving my body around – I know it sounds weird. But I like when I’m hyper aware of … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Expire

If you read my post from the day before about habits in the Hot Room – and my insistence on setting my mat in pretty much the same area class after class after class… know that tonight I placed my … Continue reading

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Somewhat Random – Habits, Yoga and Observation

It’s 7:30AM on a Saturday. I’ve just rounded  the corner of the building on my bike where my Bikram studio resides. I smell the incense, Nag Champa would be my guess, a little tremor goes through my belly.  It’s already … Continue reading

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It’s the FAST post

Greetings & Welcome ~ I am embarking upon my first experiences with fasting.  I have no doubt that right now despite my smiling with confidence (and 16 oz of black coffee), that by tonight, I shall be struggling to keep … Continue reading

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I Cannot Believe in Miracles

Such an odd thing is coincidence – when you’ve been thinking about something for awhile, pondering how to talk about it, trying to make someone UNDERSTAND where you’re coming from, thinking it might not be the time nor place – … Continue reading

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My Special Little Guy has Finally Started Walking!

I have been following Steph on her journey with her sweet little son, Jude. As a Mom of a kid that also had/has some struggles; my heart fills with joy at the MONUMENTAL turn of events for this little boy. … Continue reading

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Walking it off… or not as the case may be ~

Originally posted on The Mercenary Researcher:
Step – ouch! – Step – ouch! – Step – ouch! Lisa asks me why I’m limping during our five mile walk around GORGEOUS San Francisco in July (and for anyone wondering, not a…

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