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Life in the Furniture Store

My mom is a HARDCORE shopper – and by hardcore, I mean anyone that shops more than me. And by ‘more than me’, I mean anyone willing to stay in a store beyond the absolute minimum time it takes to put … Continue reading

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A Series of Unfortunate Laments

My friend, Ross Murray, over at Drinking Tips for Teens posted about some camping funny the other day – which made remember some of MY own camping funny plus other stories.  So, I guess I’ll write about them.  Shall we … Continue reading

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I Feel for my Mother

Originally posted on The Mercenary Researcher:
I feel for my mother. She desperately wanted a girl. She got me instead.  Not to say I’m not feminine; I wear skirts, I wore makeup, I procreated. But I suspect I wasn’t the…

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Let’s Go Shopping!!

Greetings People ~ In a continuing effort to avoid writing, I’ve invited the illustrious and Pressed Freshly talent of Steph Rogers from SHE SAID WHAT? Take it away Steph! P.S. If anyone is thinking of something nice to get me, … Continue reading

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