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Somewhat Random – Habits, Yoga and Observation

Originally posted on The Mercenary Researcher:
It’s 7:30AM on a Saturday. I’ve just rounded  the corner of the building on my bike where my Bikram studio resides. I smell the incense, Nag Champa would be my guess, a little tremor…

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A Shawl for Camel

No, this is not about a book – although it sounds like a good title for one. It’s what came out of my Bikram instructor’s mouth today during the Saturday 8AM class. You see, the heat broke on Friday.  So … Continue reading

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I found my Yoga grove

Originally posted on A Healthy Transformation:
During the school year, I’d frequently drive by this little tan building.  I’d always been curious about it, so when summer started I decided to give it a shot.  I’ve never been very flexible…

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