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A Leap of Faith – A Student’s Perspective

The Thoughtful Student “For most people, the fundamental reason to choose, or offer, a progressive education is a function of their basic values: ‘a rock-bottom commitment to democracy,’ as Joseph Featherstone put it; a belief that meeting children’s needs should … Continue reading

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Life as an Articulated Straw

I spent many years of my life avoiding Yoga. I didn’t have a ‘groove’ for it like I did for T’ai Chi.  Anytime I tried it – I would inevitably crunch my lower back; cursing Cobra for my injury.  I’m … Continue reading

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Somewhat Random – Habits, Yoga and Observation

It’s 7:30AM on a Saturday. I’ve just rounded  the corner of the building on my bike where my Bikram studio resides. I smell the incense, Nag Champa would be my guess, a little tremor goes through my belly.  It’s already … Continue reading

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I’m so tired of having to ‘achieve’

Today’s Daily Prompt was about goals  – specifically this: When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all? It’s ironic that this would be today’s prompt because I’ve been thinking about … Continue reading

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Life is a Practice – Do it Again

I just read Tracy’s post about being aware of the personalities in your own self – how important it is to be mindful and in the ‘now’ instead of always living in the past or trying to fly into the future. It reminds … Continue reading

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I admit it – I’m a word nerd; derived from the Latin Dictum Nerdica.  I’m also a Grammar Geek (ok, ok Grammaticus Geekicus). I think I was the only kid in 7th grade typing English that liked to diagram sentences.  My … Continue reading

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The Janus that is Math

Janus: a two-faced god This post is dedicated to my husband, Scott; Don, my Philosophy of Mathematics professor from library school & my stats-loving boss, Craig.  Three people that can “see” math – and have patiently helped me start to … Continue reading

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Food, Music & Secrets

I love to feed people – it’s because I’m Italian and food is a big part of my family’s heritage.  I may be indifferent to your physical discomforts if I’m otherwise engaged mentally; however, if you mention feeling a bit … Continue reading

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