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Whirlpool Sploosh Ball Wars – Therapy in Action

We have a round pool. An above ground round pool. It is much, much, much fun. We’ve had these kind of stanchion pools for years now – and having a pool available in the Tucson’s summer heat is most desirable. … Continue reading

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The Dichotomy of a Hot Tub

I love the word “dichotomy”  it is defined thusly: Noun A division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different. Last night I was soaking in our friends’ hot tub (yes, that … Continue reading

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My Special Little Guy has Finally Started Walking!

I have been following Steph on her journey with her sweet little son, Jude. As a Mom of a kid that also had/has some struggles; my heart fills with joy at the MONUMENTAL turn of events for this little boy. … Continue reading

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