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Hey Baby – What’s Your Genre?

Historical fiction? Nope. Mystery? Nope. General fiction? Nope. Biography? Nope.  Slice of Life? Good god no! Humor? Maybe… What kind of writer of am I  is my genre? This question has been plaguing me for a while now. I guess it’s … Continue reading

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Biking? How did that come about?

Please note that I shall most likely not be posting on a daily basis – maybe for the first few days or so…until the thrill wears off. Hee hee… ———————————————————————————————————————————————————- Circa 1990 (I love using ‘circa’), before the turn of … Continue reading

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Food, Music & Secrets

I love to feed people – it’s because I’m Italian and food is a big part of my family’s heritage.  I may be indifferent to your physical discomforts if I’m otherwise engaged mentally; however, if you mention feeling a bit … Continue reading

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