I Need You for my Around the World Cookie List

OK People – I am hoping for some holiday cookie ideas ~  I’m counting on you….

This picture is not indicative of my cookie decorating talent – which stands at ‘pretty crappy’…
Photo Credit: Words of Wellness

This is more my ‘decorating skill’  speed – Candy Sushi ~
Photo Credit: Me!

I’ve started my baking list for this Christmas season – but I would like to make my selection more reflective of my family’s heritage (well, family people that are not Italian, basically the in-laws & my parents’ spouses).  So I would like to hear what you love in a holiday cookie and/or what kind of ‘ethnic’ cookies your family loves.

Here are the different countries from which my family hails:

  • Italy – Biscotti of some sort
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Scotland  – Shortbread in some form or another
  • Ireland
  • England

Ready? OK – GIVE IT UP…

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I'm a research librarian for Public Television, story teller, bike commuter, baker, music fiend, lover of reading & books, mother, wife, friend - and many more descriptive adjectives and nouns.
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49 Responses to I Need You for my Around the World Cookie List

  1. My family, who is Irish-English-German, has a Pizzelle tradition. My great-grandmother started the tradition, and it has carried down. We always called them snowflake cookies, and I didn’t even know they were Italian until years later.

    My husband’s family is very mired in their own holiday traditions. (My mother-in-law once showed up at my house on Christmas day with six trays of food from the Italian store, and didn’t eat any of the ham or even the pumpkin pie that I had made. I was so offended that it was my first and last attempt at holiday hosting.) However, they have willingly submitted to the pizzelle cookie tradition.

    • I want to check them out – but you need a special cookie press, right?

      It took me a long time to no be offended about what people do/don’t eat b/c my family eats but my husband’s family is not as active in eating – and it was a good lesson!

      • Well, now that I never do holidays, I think my mother-in-law realizes her mistake. It’s also kinda odd because I’m actually a really good cook. I know that’s super braggy, but I full admit I suck at most things. Except for cooking.

        You do need a special press, but it’s not all that expensive. Put it on your list for Santa.

  2. becca3416 says:

    I am sorry, I have no help to offer, but I wanted to say that the candy sushi is great!

  3. unfetteredbs says:

    rugelach and really you must have good old fashioned american peanut butter and hershey kiss cookies.. no? My decorating skills are worse than yours but who cares as long as they taste good, right?

  4. I am full of cookie recipes, but none so international. I have a biscotti post coming up soon, but other than that nothing but just straight up COOKIES. Give us photos when you work it all out! I’m excited!

    • I have a lot of cookie recipes as well – but I want to try my hand at a very different variety than I normally make – I’ll DEFINITELY post pictures. I would love it if someone came and decorated my cookies – because that’s the one part I like the least. Weird, right? I would love to have the patience and skill to make them look like the picture I posted…. Send on the biscotti recipe – I have a few but like to mix & match.

  5. There’s two Greek Christmas cookies, the kourambiedes (coo-ram-bee-eth-es) which is a powedered sugar covered joy (I’ve never actually made them before, but that’s a recipe I found). and the melamakarona which is a syrup covered joy ^.^ Both AMAZING! And both extremely Greek 🙂

  6. Speculaas! And i have no idea how that is translated to English… But it’s delicious, I think it’s Swedish, German, Dutch or something…

  7. Swedish: Rosettes! Deep fried cookies! That is all you need to know. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/rosettes-i/

  8. Oh! Also, good old American snickerdoodles!

  9. Well, you can’t go wrong with biscotti or rainbow cookies for Italy. Leibkuchen for Germany maybe? I love those. Shortbread for Scotland definitely. Maybe some sort of Irish gingerbread cookie or oat cookie?

    I love gingerbread cookies, jam cookies and chocolate cookies for the holidays. But I’m not proud, I’ll make and eat any kind, any time. I have to start my own holiday baking list so this will help inspire me.

  10. My husband and I like to make hermits around the holidays. I’m not sure what country they hail from, but they are really yummy and Christmas-y.

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