The Progression of “I’m Not Making Too Much for Christmas Dinner”

My family is pretty much…Italian. Especially my Mom.  Every year  around this time the conversation about Christmas Dinner plays itself out in this manner (which I would not trade for the world).

A month before Christmas – possibly on Thanksgiving: 

Mom: I’ve decided not to make that much for Christmas Day dinner – I’m just going to make Ravioli or Ziti. I can’t make a ham/turkey/roast beef this year. It’s too much work.  We’ll just have Italian food.

Me: That sounds great, Mom. You don’t need to cook an Italian meal to be followed by turkey/ham/roast beef with all the sides. We just had all that with Thanksgiving. You need to relax and enjoy yourself. I’ll make the dessert.

A few weeks before Christmas: 

Mom calls me on the phone:  Hi! I’ve decided I need to make some meatballs and have sausage with the Ravioli – and maybe some Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana and Antipasto.   Will you make two desserts?

Me: Yes, of course. I thought you weren’t making a lot of food this year?

Mom: Well, I’ve invited (insert a few more people), so now I want to make sure they all have enough food.  I can’t just make Ravioli.  Do you think I should buy a turkey? Or a roast beef? I want to make a broccoli casserole along with all the sides. What do you think?

SIDE NOTE: My mom makes enough of each item to feed everyone…as if it was the only thing they are going to eat…for then next 72 hours. 

Me: Mom – you’re making too much food. No one can possibly eat all that. Don’t make the Thanksgiving stuff. We just ate that. You need to relax and have some FUN on Christmas Day.

Mom: Ok – Just the Italian food then. No ham/turkey/roast beef. Maybe some stuffed chicken breasts?  Don’t forget to bring your cookies with the two desserts. Should we have more than that for dessert?

Me: NO! We’re good, Mom.

Two Weeks before Christmas

Ring! Ring! (my work phone) –

Mom: Hi! It’s Mom, I’m at the store. I just got the ham along with the Ravioli. Do you think 10 lbs will be enough? I’ve got the chicken breasts too since I know you don’t eat ham. I’m going to wait until next week to get the stuff for the sides.

Me: Mom… Please don’t call me tomorrow to tell me you’re making turkey too.


I love my Mom.  And I cannot wait to take home leftovers on Christmas Day.

She taught me how to cook for an army and these other two essential things:

  1. Never pass up a bathroom – EVER
  2. Where’s your purse?

Happy Holidays, My Friends!

About Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher

I'm a research librarian for Public Television, story teller, bike commuter, baker, music fiend, lover of reading & books, mother, wife, friend - and many more descriptive adjectives and nouns.
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28 Responses to The Progression of “I’m Not Making Too Much for Christmas Dinner”

  1. hbsuefred says:

    Once a (Jewish, Italian, Irish, Greek, etc. – insert nationality here) mom, always a (whatever you are) mom! Gotta love ’em, especially if, like me, you are now one yourself.

  2. Your mum sounds wonderful.

  3. Maggie O'C says:

    that sounds so good! We are Irish so we are still making up for the famine. My sisters and I are cooking this year and my brother adds fuel to the fire making sure there will be enough, like we have ever come up short of anything ever. We are going Italian and having salmon on Christmas Eve. Buon Natale!

  4. I love that your Mom is in the comment stream. 🙂 Merry Christmas!!–Audra

  5. The Cutter says:

    My wife is Italian, and I’ve been trying to get her out of this mindset. Thus far, my efforts have been unsuccessful.

  6. rossmurray1 says:

    Merry Holimas! Enjoy your turkey.

  7. Elyse says:

    What a wonderful piece. You made me really miss my mom, too, She was Irish, but she too always made enough to feed an army, because you never know who will be staying for dinner. I do the same thing.

  8. Mom says:

    Well Denise I bet you’ll be asking “where’s the stuffed mushrooms” on Christmas Day. Mom

  9. Mmmmm…..Italian Christmas sounds delicious!!

  10. TheLastWord says:

    Plenty of time yet..

  11. TheLastWord says:

    Has she called yet about the turkey AND the roast beef she just picked up? 🙂

    I have a horror of running out of food when we invite guests, so it does annoy my wife. “That’s too much chicken! There’s all that other stuff too! No one is going to have all this kebabs and then have a full dinner.”

    As far as bathrooms go, my kids know that I never leave anywhere without a trip to the bathroom, preceded by “Always go before you go.”

    “Yes, dad!”

    Where have you been all this time? I haven’t seen you pop up in my reader in like ages…

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Sounds like the conversations I overheard as a kid. No Italians involved.

  13. OMG, you’ve made me so hungry! 😉

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