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Face Lift or Temporary Mask?

Hi Dilly Ho People~ So, my blog. Did you notice? I gave it a face lift…or possibly a temporary mask. Side note:  I really abhor the “blog” word for some reason, must be the “b-l-o-g” sound. I’m not really that fond … Continue reading

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Today is THE DAY!

Friends, Romans, Country (Wo)men! Lend me your ears….well, in this case your eyes. YES! TODAY IS THE DAY!!!! It’s the day I know I’ve been waiting for… The once was was a lassie with a tick Most everything made her … Continue reading

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More on Bikram Yoga

More on Bikram Yoga and wise words about perception.

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Originally posted on The Mercenary Researcher:
I hate the maul (sic). My mother loves the maul. She loves shopping at the maul and she gets things that she tries on, buys and then still returns.  I’ve seen other people do…

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Originally posted on Rethink the Rant:
TRIGGER WARNING: The following includes descriptions, photos, and video that may serve as a trigger for victims of sexual violence. Please be advised.  Someone asked me today, “What is ‘rape culture’ anyway? I’m tired…

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Am I the ONLY One?

Hmmm….seems everywhere I look these days, people are all overjoyed about Spring.  Well, maybe not the people that are waking up to a blanket of white fluffiness – but all the other people out there. Am I the only one that dreads … Continue reading

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Eric invited me to post on his incredible blog – where people share their experiences of mental, emotional and physical health conditions. I’m honored to have been asked and allowed to write about my feelings for my son.

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Blogging in My Birthday Suit – The Naked Trooper

People ~ People…Listen up!  Today I have a special guest – he’s traveled from far, far away in a place farther away than the nearest Walgreens.  It’s TWINDADDY from Stuphblog…. Take it away………or off – I think ‘off’ is more … Continue reading

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Ginger*, Orange Crush

I have a confession to make. I adore red heads – male, female; doesn’t matter. I love red hair – I love it when I have red hair. I especially love unnatural shades of red hair. But my favorite red … Continue reading

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End it Now ~

What the hell is wrong with our society? We have 7 year old CHILDREN going on self-imposed DIETS – I didn’t even KNOW what a diet was until I was at least 12. There are reports of anorexic KINDERGARTNERS for F’s sake.  How … Continue reading

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