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Homophone not Telephone – Yes, You Can Groan

There are three critical places to spot the ever important homophone. The 1st place is where I fell down, over here. The 2nd was with some sauce over hair. The 3rd place being where (not wear or weir)  there (not they’re … Continue reading

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The Dichotomy of a Hot Tub

I love the word “dichotomy”  it is defined thusly: Noun A division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different. Last night I was soaking in our friends’ hot tub (yes, that … Continue reading

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I put my hands into the roaring flames

  I’ve been listening to New Model Army a lot these days.  I’m particularly fond of the song “Fate” – give it a listen – you might like it.  Here are some lyrics: I put my hands into the roaring … Continue reading

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Aw geeze – I’ve been tagged with a fruitcake

Wait – that might not have come out correctly. I’ve been tagged to play tag (round number 2) and then I’ve been given a fruitcake in June.  I guess if I was an Aussie like Steph Rogers, it would at … Continue reading

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It’s the FAST post

Greetings & Welcome ~ I am embarking upon my first experiences with fasting.  I have no doubt that right now despite my smiling with confidence (and 16 oz of black coffee), that by tonight, I shall be struggling to keep … Continue reading

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I Cannot Believe in Miracles

Such an odd thing is coincidence – when you’ve been thinking about something for awhile, pondering how to talk about it, trying to make someone UNDERSTAND where you’re coming from, thinking it might not be the time nor place – … Continue reading

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My Special Little Guy has Finally Started Walking!

I have been following Steph on her journey with her sweet little son, Jude. As a Mom of a kid that also had/has some struggles; my heart fills with joy at the MONUMENTAL turn of events for this little boy. … Continue reading

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