Ginger*, Orange Crush

I have a confession to make.

I adore red heads – male, female; doesn’t matter. I love red hair – I love it when I have red hair. I especially love unnatural shades of red hair.

I can't  resist a red headed bass player from Russia ~Photo Credit:

I can’t resist a red headed bass player from Russia ~
Photo Credit:

But my favorite red hair is a huge mane of thick coppery wavy red hair.

Gorgeous ~ Gorgeous ~ Gorgeous....Photo Credit:

Gorgeous ~ Gorgeous ~ Gorgeous….
Photo Credit:

I remember my first ‘ginger red headed crush’. I was 12. A horrid special time in a girl’s life.  I had “become been a woman” for a good year by that time; and frankly the anticipation was misspent – it sucked.  Plus no one else that I knew had started their period.  So of course right smack in the middle of the monthly ‘woman activities’ I was going to my first and ONLY overnight camp– a week during spring in the middle of my 6th grade year. We had freshman counselors.  Knowing what I know about having to spend a week with 12 year olds is that you want counselors that are slightly older, yet unable to escape via the magic of a license and access to a car.

So I spied him on day one. Seth Black  (an obviously fictitious moniker ). Skinny, shy, awkward, red headed – I was instantly hooked.             

Since I can’t post awkward red head pictures of Seth Black –I’ll use Rupert Grint to illustrate. He goes from dork to hot in just a few short years.Photo Credit: tumblr

Since I can’t post awkward red head pictures of Seth Black –I’ll use Rupert Grint to illustrate. He goes from dork to hot in just a few short years.
Photo Credit: tumblr

Poor Seth, he was probably horrified to have this gawpy 6th grader following him around trying to engage him in conversation.  If my memory serves me right, he made eye contact and spoke with me. Which, of course, was a fatal error on his part – it only encouraged me.  But I can’t fail to think that I made a lasting impression upon him.

For some unknown reason he was running after me down a trail, I remember laughing and I turned around and threw a chocolate doughnut right at his face. Nothing says “love” like a chocolate doughnut in the face.

That was the end of that.  I never saw him again.


I was 24, working in a natural foods co-op. I was ringing up some groceries and I looked up at the next person in line …and it was a GORGEOUS, TALL, LONG WAVY-HAIRED RED HEADED MAN.

Ok – his hair is not long or wavy like’s Seth’s – but it is the right color and he’s gorgeously gorgeous. Photo Credit: tumblr

Ok – his hair is not long or wavy like’s Seth’s – but it is the right color and he’s gorgeously gorgeous.
Photo Credit: tumblr

The first thing I do is say “OH MY GOD! You’re Seth Black – I threw a doughnut at your face at 6th grade camp. You are stunningly gorgeous.”  And then my brain registered what just came out of my mouth and I turned a redder shade of red than his hair.  He took it in stride and laughed.

A few years later, I hear some of my naturalist/water-harvesting/birdy/compost toilet-y friends talking about a “Seth Black” and one person said I would love his mane of red hair.  So of course my radar went off and after a few mercenary-reseacherish type questions, I ascertained it indeed was the same Seth Black. Turns out he’s a pretty big deal in Tucson – he specializes in environmental issues and whatnot however I shan’t describe it too much, else he be identified.

Cool eh?

And it goes without saying that Lauren Ambrose (Claire Fischer – Six Feet Under) is the red head that I’d want to be

Lucky wench.Photo Credit: Google Image search

Lucky wench.
Photo Credit: Google Image search

But not every red head is an Alexi Lalas or Benedict Cumberbatch…

YummyPhoto Credit: Google image search

Photo Credit: Google image search

Some are Ron Howards or (god help us all) Carrot Tops.

I'm snausaged.Photo Credit: Google image search

I’m snausaged.
Photo Credit: Google image search

I don’t even know what to say about Carrot Top…

Last but not least, the most beautiful red head of them all…

I know at least 10 people reading this were wondering when David Bowie would show up...Photo Credit: Google image search

I know at least 10 people reading this were wondering when David Bowie would show up…
Photo Credit: Google image search

And that’s my confession.

*Mr Bill McMorrow has alerted me, via song, that I may only use “Ginger” if I am a ginger – and I’m currently NOT a ginger.

Added Bonus:

Another fabbo red head~

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97 Responses to Ginger*, Orange Crush

  1. klyse3 says:

    I already have a weakness for hair, but red hair just pushes it over the top. Except, I prefer natural to fake – to each her own, I suppose. Doesn’t it just make you want to run your fingers through it?? 😀

  2. BigLizzy says:

    Mmmm…I vote for David Bowie. He’s always done it for me. Thanks for this very fun post, Rutabaga-baby. I always love coming over here for another dose of you. Come to think of it: I used to sport a bright red flat-top in my younger “I’m-pretty-butch-and-I’m-studying-to-be-a-cop” days. I looked effing hot with red hair. Those were good times. XOXO

  3. Carrie Rubin says:

    I read this post the whole time thinking, “Gee this seems familiar.” Then I looked through the comments and saw I had already read and commented on it. Duh.

  4. Reblogged this on The Mercenary Researcher and commented:

    Thought I would do a Re-blog-a-thog Monday…tomorrow look for some original content – I’m guest blogging! Until then, enjoy the gorgeous redheads

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  7. La La says:

    Wow….Rupert got SEXXXXY!

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  9. I tried to go red once. It didn’t work, Denise. But that Harry Potter guy, what’s his name, he did turn hot in a few years!! I want to be Lauren Ambrose, too. She’s quite exotic!

  10. djmatticus says:

    Alexi Lalas? Really? Really?! Have you seen him recently? Well, actually, maybe he does look better cleaned up in his suit now as a commentator than he ever did in his jersey running around the pitch – but, I would have put him in the carrot top category… Then again, I’m more partial to Nicole Kidman, or Kirsten Dunst (as Mary Jane in the spiderman movies). So, perhaps my opinion doesn’t really count.

    • Of course your opinion counts…yes, I was totally drooly for Alexi – especially when he was on the sweaty side. I am not partial to the ‘cleaned up type’ – I am also partial very skinny guys (David Bowie comes to mind)…

      I love Kirsten Dunst (especially in Drop Dead Gorgeous) – so you get points for that!

  11. Women with red hair are gorgeous!! I have a very good friend whose little girl is the reddest fairest redhead of them all– HER EYELASHES ARE RED.
    Also- my Chad is a redhead, sexy fella that he is 🙂
    I’m totally with you on this.

  12. The Hook says:

    You’re a ginger’s best friend, cutie!
    Well done.

  13. Rohan 7 Things says:

    As a red head I thoroughly approve! You would have loved me when I was 12, I had a mane of shoulder length auburn hair. Unfortunately people like you are rare and all I got was mistaken for a girl on a few occasions!

    I’ve never had a red haired girlfriend before but I’m starting to find myself more attracted to them recently!

    Great post, it’s good to know there are ginger lovers out there 🙂

    All the best.


  14. Elyse says:

    Benedict Cumberbatch has my hair. Well, if you add some gray here and there. And take away the face. And the genitals. Yup, that’s me.

  15. I come from a long line of gingers. Fiery, feisty women and men. Prince Harry’s got it going on. The one thing I don’t love is skin that is too pale, I prefer my red heads to have a little color.
    Great post. Gingers are going to make a comeback, I just know it.

  16. calahan says:

    Red Elvises! Awesome.

  17. Carrie Rubin says:

    I’ve always thought women with red hair were gorgeous–whatever the hue. I haven’t always thought the same about redheaded men, but actors Damien Lewis and Eric Stoltz certainly don’t disappoint. 😉

  18. El Guapo says:

    Yes. Redheads.
    Enough said.
    (But I’m pretty sure Bowie is gray these days…)

  19. lolabees says:

    Prince Harry has gotten pretty cute!

  20. TBM says:

    I too love redheads. In fact, my better half is a ginger!

  21. I envy people with natural coppery hair. I have to get mine out of a bottle. I too have always loved gingers. My first massive crushes was on a ginger. Brian McEvoy. He was dreamy.

    And Prince Harry! Don’t forget him! He’s the only member of the royal family that I would get busy with.

  22. iRuniBreathe says:

    I have a friend with lovely red locks. She grows them long, lops them off, and then donates the hair to make wigs for cancer survivors. I love that she does this, and I’m sure the color is no deterrent for those in need of a new do.

  23. A lesson everyone should learn…

  24. lexiesnana says:

    I laughed when this came in my mailbox because my granddaughter wrote that if she could marry anyone in the famous world it would be Pherb.

  25. I love the Red Elvises pic at the top. I admit I have seen them in concert a few times. Plus I love the red heads too.

  26. twindaddy says:

    Considering that a ginger just shattered my world, I’m not the best to comment on this right now…

  27. Brigitte says:

    David Bowie — yes. My first boyfriend was a ginger. :).

  28. A.J. Goode says:

    I agree — I love redheads, too. But I have to disagree on one point: Ron Howard has an adorable smile, even for an old balding guy.

  29. MissFourEyes says:

    I love the unnatural red, it can be so pretty. I wanted hair like the Little Mermaid’s as a kid 🙂

  30. becca3416 says:

    I approve of this blog post.

  31. Not surprisingly, I’ve always wanted to have long wavy coppery locks too. My hair color of choice.

  32. Le Clown says:

    Joan Holloway. And Emma Peel, depending on the episode.
    Thank you.
    Le Clown

  33. This is not a confession! This is merely admitting that your eyes work! Redheads rule; I loved one once….you know, in that way… step sister has hair like this:

    Florence – her with the Machine – has red hair and dyes it red……

    …and of course….Jessica Rabbit

    The last one possibly is a confession.

  34. Diane C says:

    I have to say my favourite redhead has to be Ewan MacGregor. His smile coupled with his red hair just melts me!

  35. Cathy Ulrich says:

    Uh yeah, David Bowie…

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